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Probably you can guess what my current obsession is:  Classic elongated hobos.  I love the way they look, the way they fall on my shoulder, and the fact that it is the most flattering bag style out there.  You can never look like you’re trying too hard with these kind of bags.  They’re great for casual dates, lunches, shopping trips, or just running errands.

From left to right:

1. Burberry Glossy Hobo $850

2. Chloe Heloise Braided Hobo $1,595

3. Jimmy Choo Watersnake Ring Hobo $1,495

4. Nancy Gonzales Soft Patent Pleated Hobo $2,950

5. Salvatore Ferragamo Equestre Napa Yoko Hobo $2,490

6. YSL Roady Hobo $1,195

Images from Neiman Marcus



Jimmy-choo-sky-zebraI prefer to write positive bag reviews compared to negative ones because I would like to be a positive person.  However, I strongly feel that I have to say something about this Jimmy Choo Sky bag.  This is an example where “two rights can make a wrong”.  Studs are good; zebra patterns are good (up to a certain point) but when you combine them together they look like a total disaster.

When I look at this bag, I don’t know where to focus.  Do I focus on the studs or do I focus on the zebra print?  The top part of the bag looks so messy, that it makes bottom part look so unflustered. I never thought that I could consider zebra prints unflustered.

In my opinion, zebra prints and studs don’t go together. However, if you must have them both. You can perhaps put the studs only on the black part of the print.  That way it won’t look like you just slathered glue on the top, sprinkle some studs, and hope that they all stick.

I’m sure it will require more detailed craftmanship to put the studs on small sections, but if you are charging $3,795 for a bag, superior intricate craftmanship is expected.

There is another version of this bag that won’t make people cringe when you wear it.  It is just plain black with studs. Buy from Jimmy Choo for $2,995



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jimmy-choo-lohlaJimmy Choo has proven that his bags are as hot as his shoes. This Lohla bag is one of them.  This is definitely not your regular boring black bag.  First of all, it has detachable handles that are connected through eyelets on the top of the bag.  I think this feature is strictly for creative design purpose. There is nothing functional about it, since it does not come with any other straps or handles.  I guess you can criss cross the handles if you want but it’s just make the bag look odd and hard to use.

Second of all, the leather is very glitzy and glamorous looking. It is not only shiny like regular patent leather bags but it has the overall paillette detail that makes the bag sparkle.

From the modeled picture on Net-A-Porter, I can see that this bag is somewhat on the bigger size.  So, if you are tall and slim, this bag will definitely look great on you. However, I would suggest petites and full figured ladies to avoid this bag. Since it will be disproportional for the petites and add width to the full figures. Buy from Net-A-Porter for $1,995


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jimmy-choo-simoneThe leather on this bag is super soft and the bag is very light. The heaviest thing on this bag is just the big ring on the flap. When I went to Nordstrom, the helpful and friendly SA showed me a bag that she got from the storage room.  It was a beautiful purplish blue, which I think is the most beautiful color out of all the Simones.  I could not find the picture online so I just put the red one.

This bag has a soft look thanks to the soft leather and the slouchy shape.  The knotted straps also add softness to it. One little thing that I don’t like about this bag is the wide stitching.  I think the wide stitching is taking away some of the softness of the bag.

You can buy this from Jimmy Choo for $2,450.


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