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YSL is on a roll nowadays.  They have been making great bags one after another.  This perforated zipped tote is definitely one of them.  One thing that caught my attention is the rather unusual design.  I mean it in a unique kind of way. This bag is like cross between a tote and a hobo. The style is not too casual yet not too dressy; it is right in the middle.  Although I’m not a fan of perforated leather I think it is very suitable for this bag. The bag would be too boring, if not for the perforated leather.

From Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,495


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Probably you can guess what my current obsession is:  Classic elongated hobos.  I love the way they look, the way they fall on my shoulder, and the fact that it is the most flattering bag style out there.  You can never look like you’re trying too hard with these kind of bags.  They’re great for casual dates, lunches, shopping trips, or just running errands.

From left to right:

1. Burberry Glossy Hobo $850

2. Chloe Heloise Braided Hobo $1,595

3. Jimmy Choo Watersnake Ring Hobo $1,495

4. Nancy Gonzales Soft Patent Pleated Hobo $2,950

5. Salvatore Ferragamo Equestre Napa Yoko Hobo $2,490

6. YSL Roady Hobo $1,195

Images from Neiman Marcus



YSL-Easy-Y-studdedWe all know that studs are hot this season (and likely the next season).   All bag designers are racing to create bags with studs. Some did an ok job, but a lot of them fail miserably.  Studded bags normally don’t attract me.  I’m just not a rocker type.  I don’t even understand the big hype over the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel.  However, when I saw this YSL Easy Y Studded bag, I fell in love without a doubt;  I forgot why I hate studs. If this bag can win the heart of the girl who doesn’t like studs, this is truly an exceptional design.  The only other studded bag that is worth a look is the Marc Jacobs Cecilia bag. The other bags are just for  rocker chicks in rock bands.

Buy YSL Easy Y Studded from for $2,152.17




Ysl-Y-Bow-Suede-BowlerI’ve always had a soft spot for girly bags, maybe because I didn’t have a lot of girly stuff growing up.  My mother’s style was quite minimalistic, which influenced my style to be quite simple and clean. Since I’m her only daughter, we always shop together.  Now that we live far away from each other, I shop by myself and I have started to unleash my girlie fixation.

I love this YSL Y-Bow; it has just the perfect amount of girlie and at the same time looking very luxurious.  I’ve seen Dita Von Teese with the leather version, which was also gorgeous.  But I think this version is even more feminine thanks to the soft suede.  The suede leather makes the overal look of the bag much softer and lush while the embossed lizzard pattern gives it the luxury look without the hefty price tag (a real lizzard bag this size would cost a lot more).

This YSL Bowler is a bag that still manages to steal the show without a hint of shine from a single piece of hardware. Pre-Order from Neiman Marcus for $1,695


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