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Recognizing an Authentic Chanel




If you are planning to buy your Chanel Classic online, make sure you have the following pictures to determine the authenticity:

  1. Front view, back view, side view and also bottom view of the bag.
  2. The CHANEL stamp and MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp inside the first flap.
  3. The back side of the CC clasp that shows the two screws and CHANEL/PARIS engraving.
  4. Engraving on the interior zipper pull and hanging ornament, if applicable.
  5. Engraving on the snap button.
  6. Stitched interlocking CC logo inside the second flap, if applicable.
  7. Hologram sticker.
  8. The numbers of the authenticity card.

All the pictures should be focused and clear.


One Response to “Recognizing an Authentic Chanel”

  • Has Chanel ever used phillips head screws for the attatchment of CC clasp?
    All I have ever seen is flat (straight) screw heads for the attatchment.
    What is the verdict iam I looking at another fake Chanel?

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