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IIIBeca Murray Street Crossbody

IIIBeca Murray Street Crossbody

Yes, it’s only spring. But, I’m already thinking ahead for summer trips. I like to plan my outfit long before I have to travel. This way, I will be able to pack up my stuff immediately. Since I have 3 little ones that I need to pack for as well, I don’t have the luxury of staring in my closet for hours when packing.

For a traveling outfit, I usually pick my outfit after I decide on the bags and shoes. Fist, I will decide on the comfortable walking shoes or sandal (preferably something neutral that goes with everything because I like to travel light).

My criteria for picking my traveling bags are:

  1. Light:  No chunky clunky hardware because chances are we will be doing a lot of walking and the last thing I want is to drag heavy hardware during the whole trip.
  2. Not too small: It has to be able to fit at least a pair of sunglasses, small make up bag, wallet, and cell phone with a little more room to spare.
  3. Crossbody strap: This is a definite must. I’m already short one hand since I have 3 little kids. Naturally, I can’t spare another hand to hold a bag.
  4. Pop of color: I tend to gravitate toward neutral color clothes and just play with textures.  Therefore, adding a pop of color will add interest to my otherwise boring outfit.

I usually go shopping before a trip (during the trip, after the trip, who’s counting right?), that’s probably why my closet is full to the brim. This year, I decided not to do that and just use things that I already have. So, I decided that my IIIbeca Murray Street Crosbody fits the bill.

I like the fact that it has a simple and modern design that won’t clash with any outfit. It is also easy to open and close, which I can do it without looking. (some bags require your undivided attention just to open and close it; yeah it’s supposed to be fancy like that! I have several bags like that but they’re not coming with me on the trip)

Since I’m not planning on buying new things, I’m probably going to bring my Sam Edelman Trina from last year for footwear. (I brought them to a 3 week europe trip and these babies are super comfortable)

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