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Last year was all about the studs.  I guess this year is all about zippers.  Some designers were already coming out with zippered designs last year but I noticed that this year literally everything has zippers design on it; dresses, bags, and shoes.  In my opinion, zippers give the impression of a “tough girl” look and if not done right it can look tacky.

This Leola bag has the perfect amount of zippers and the placement of the diagonal zipper makes the bag look more interesting.  I also noticed there was no big label stuck on the bag, which is always a plus for me. This would be a great casual bag for spring.  The combination of cream leather and gold tone hardware will look great against bright colored tops.

From Neiman Marcus for $498




I always stop to admire an orange handbag whenever I see one.  The color is just very attractive to me.  It is just very warm and vibrant.  When combined with luxurious leather, orange bag can be an attention magnet and also can be the only thing that you need to add a punch to your outfit.


This Marc Jacobs Elise bag has a simple classic shapes, but the buckles on the sides, the zippered pocket and the push lock flap pocket dressed it up nicely. This one is definitely not a boring bag.  Pre-Order from Nordstrom for $895.





Being a sucker for anything shiny I could not help but to click on this Marc Jacobs Sequined New York Rocker Stam bag.  I’m used to seeing very shiny small miniaudiere, clutch or evening bags.  However, a bag this size that is very shiny is new to me.  I’m not sure where and when one would carry this bag.  In my opinion, this bag is too big for a formal event, too shiny for casual everyday use and still too shiny for everything in between.   If you can think of how to wear this bag you can buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,995


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marc-jacobs-classic-hoboI have been frantically looking for a really slouchy and roomy hobo.  So far, my only candidate is the Marc by Marc Jacobs classic gathered hobo.  This bag measures 13 1/2″H x 23″W x 4″ D, and you can choose from chamois or pebble leather.

I like the soft leather and the way it drapes. I also like the detachable shoulder strap, I think it’s a must for women with kids. The zip top is also a plus for me, not that I like to shake my bags upside down, but having a zipper just makes me feel safer.  I don’t have to worry that my things will fall out accidentally.

As much as I like this bag, I still feel that it is lacking something. It lacks interesting details.  I get it that it is a simple and classic hobo, but it doesn’t have to be too blah. A braided strap or a little bit of shiny hardware would definitely add some interesting details.  To sum up, if I can’t find anything better, I think I’m going to get this one.

Buy it from Neiman Marcus for $438


steve-madden-hobo-sideThere is also the Steve Madden hobo.  I don’t usually go for Steve Madden since a lot of their bags are made of pleather (remember my leather infatuation?). However, this one is leather.  The design is somewhat similar to the Marc Jacobs hobo, but the leather does not look as smooth and smooshy, wouldn’t you agree?

One thing that I like about the Steve Madden hobo is that it has a little bit of hardware that I think dresses up this otherwise plain hobo, although, I’m not sure about the shoulder strap hardware.  I’m afraid that the shoulder strap won’t be comfortable if you are carrying a heavy bag. I’m also not too crazy about the magnetic snap closure. But I know I’m probably just being paranoid, since I haven’t lost anything because of the magnetic closure.

You can buy this from Nordstrom for $258

My personal choice between these two hobos would be the Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo, because of the better quality leather and the zip top.


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marc-jacobs-ceciliaI don’t usually like studded bags, especially if they are heavily studded. I always think that bag with too many studs looks tacky and too rock n roll for me. However, I’m loving this Marc Jacobs Cecilia.

I especially like the color combination.  Gold studs with cream leather make the studs shine in a very subtle way. Although, I’m not too crazy about the blue trim.

The tiny stud size makes the bag look less rock n roll and their scattered placement makes the bag sparkle all over.

The ruching on the top reminded me of the Nancy Gonzalez Gathered Croc Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs Cecilia is from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection.  It measures 17.5″ x 10.5″ x 5.5″

Image from Marc Jacobs


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