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Gucci-Icon-Bit-BostonThis bag reminds me a lot of the 70s, particularly of a Disco ball.  Even though I was not born until the late 70s I remember watching movies from that era.

This bag has so many colors depending from which angle you look at it, just like a disco ball.  I for one am not someone who would wear a bag this shiny and colorful, but Beyonce might, since her style is often exuberant.

They have this bag in four different finishes: Suede, leather, patent leather and guccissima leather. I must say that the patent leather version screams “look at me” the loudest.

You can pre-order this bag from Gucci for $1,790

Here is a disco ball picture for comparison.



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gucci-charlotteI like the Gucci Charlotte asymmetrical adjustable shoulder straps, they certainly add appeal to the otherwise simple and regular looking bag.  If I were to buy the bag, these shoulder straps would be the main reason for me to buy the bag, since I don’t care much for canvas nor monogram designs.  However, for Gucci monogram fans, this will be a great bag.  It has a classic shape which means it will lasts for many years to come, and the neutral color matches easily with your wardrobe.  The shoulder straps look comfortable and would fit well on the shoulder without slipping. The 16 1/2″W x 11″H x 7″D measurement assures it’s functionality.  All in all, this is a good and functional bag. It’s just not an exciting bag for me.

Buy from Neiman Marcus for $995


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gucci-large-jockey-python-hoboThis Gucci bag is definitely praiseworthy.  When I fist saw this bag, I did not expect that this was in fact a Gucci bag.  Without the monograms, the fringes, and the red and green stripes, I just didn’t recognize it. This is good: I like it when designers do something out of the ordinary. It keeps the collection fresh and interesting.

I like the rich texture of the python.  The horsebit detail adds interest to the simple and elegant  shape of the bag.  This looks like a chic casual bag. The 18¼”W X 14½”H X 4½”D measurements, certainly make it functional. Because of the slouchy shape and leather, petites will also look good wearing this.

Don’t worry about blending with the wall wearing this simple shaped black bag, the python reminds us that it is a special bag.  This bag is all about the python and it will definitely stand out.

I think Gucci reminds us once again why it is an icon label.  Buy this from Saks for $3,295.


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gustto-fiore-balna-toteI like the look of this Gustto bag: The color and the hardware are beautiful. However, I’m not so sure about the embossed paisley.  Whenever I see paisley, I’m always thinking of the word “old” and “grandma”.  Maybe my style is too minimalistic, since I rarely like anything with a pattern, unless it is absolutely fabulous. I know Gustto has a plainer version (without the embossed paisley) of this model.

This bag measures 17″W x 10.5″H x 4″D, big enough for carrying your essentials plus some more.  The shoulder strap is always a nice option when you need both of your hands. For the quality, Gustto bags are really well made, just like the other contemporary designers.

You can buy Gustto Fiore from Bloomingdale’s for $645.


Now, as for the similarity with Gucci Hysteria, I wouldn’t say that they are identical twins, but they are definitely fraternal twins, don’t you think?  The shillouete, the hardware, the handles, and the detachable shoulder straps are very similar.  The Gucci Hysteria is a little bit smaller than the Gustto Fiore.  It measures only 15″L x 11.4″H.

I prefer the Gustto hardware over the Gucci because t looks cleaner without the logo.  However, I like the pleats on the Hysteria better.

The Gucci Hysteria retails for $1,695, it is $1,050 more than the Gussto.  I would definitely choose the Gussto since I’m not brand obsessed.  I will gladly wear the lesser brand as long as it has good quality, but I would avoid Target look alikes.  Which one would you choose?

Gucci Hysteria image from Nordstrom


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