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I was so excited when I saw this bag.  I loved the older version of this bag which I reviewed before, but the plastic zipper was a major turn off for me.  Now, the new and improved version has a metal zipper and the leather is noticeably softer. In my previous review, I already mentioned why I loved this bag; the new and improved version just makes me love it even more.

It is available in two colors on the Saks Fifth Avenue website: Black and brown.  However, the color samples are black and grey.  I’m not sure which one is the right one.  There might be a typo.  Regardless the color, I still love the bag. Mainly, because of it’s slouchiness, functionality and the improved features.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced everyday bag, this is the perfect bag for you.  Buy from Saks Fifth Avenue for $440




botkier-taylor-satchelMany Botkier fans have asked me about the Botkier Taylor from the Fall 2009 collection.  As you might already know, the Botkier Fall 2009 collection is very rocker chic.  The Taylor bags bring the rocker chic flavor through their one-of-a-kind tassels design. I finally have the following information about the bags that I would love to share with all of you.

Taylor Satchel
Will be available at Shopbop on September 2009
Size: 15.25″ x 4.5″ x 8.75″
Price: $545
Material/Colors: Black cowhide, brown lambskin, or sand pearl lambskin with antique brass hardware.


Taylor Crossbody
Will be available at NeimanMarcus on September 2009
Size: 15″ x 3.75″ x 10.5″
Price: $525
Material/Colors: Black cowhide, brown lambskin, or sand pearl lambskin with antique brass hardware.


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kooba-jaylin-crossbodyKooba did it again:  They came up with an edgy design!  I admire Kooba for being able to design a bag that has so much going on but still manages not looking tacky or overwhelming.

I’m usually more into simple classic looking bags, yet I find this Kooba bag strangely attractive.  I love the belt and the knot, I think they are the punch line of the design.  This bag comes in black and sand (shown) and it measures only 9″H x 11.5″L x 3″D, a little too smallish for my taste.

There is a bigger version that has similar design, Kooba Jacinda, which measures 15″W x 10″H x 4″D. However, the bigger version has longer handles that are meant for shoulders. Hence, it lacks a detachable shoulder strap.  I’m not sure which one I like better, I need to see them in person. I do know that like the detachable shoulder strap a lot though. Buy from Neiman Marcus for $485


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helena-sofiI have been looking for a bag to travel in the summer.  The bag of my choice would need to meet these criteria:

  • A light neutral color so it would match most of my outfits.  I like to travel light, so having too much luggage is just too much of a hassle. Therefore, one bag that matches most of my outfits is a must.
  • Generous size.  Since I’m usually traveling with my kids, a bigger bag would be helpful.  At least, it should be able to fit:  Travel documents, some snacks, some form of entertainment, camera, sleep mask for the plane ride and other necessities that I usually carry in my bag.
  • Slouchy. Since I need the bigger bag, it has to be slouchy, to make it look not as big.  Too big of a bag will not look pretty on a petite like me.
  • Convertible.  The bag has to be able to convert from shoulder to cross body, for practicality purpose.

helena-sofi-frontThis Sofi satchel in caramel seems to have all my required characteristics, plus it has these buckles that are placed strategically, making the big bag ruched beautifully. It measures a generous 19″L X 17″H X 14″D.

As much as I like to give this bag a glowing review, I was a little bit disappointed when I noticed the plastic zipper. Other than that, I think it is a beautiful and functional bag.  One that will get used very often.  I was told that this bag was launched in Saks this spring and it is the designer’s best selling bag.  I’m hoping to see more great designs from Helena de Natalio.

You can buy this bag from ebags for $484 or Ideeli, they are having a red sale on the Chocolate and Purple colors for only $160.  Click HERE for the Ideeli invitation if you are not a member yet.


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donna-karan-messenger-bagThis is one funny bag.  It looks like a regular bag in the picture, but when I was trying it on at Nordstrom, I found out otherwise…  I pretended that was actually wearing this bag and using it. Oh boy, those zippered flaps were a nightmare. Imagine being in a hurry and trying to get something out from the bag.  First, you have to lift the flap and hold the flap so you can unzip it, and then finally you can reach deep deep down for whatever you are looking for.  As if you can’t get enough of the flap, instead of one they give you two. Isn’t it funny?

I can understand if something so pretty sometimes can be unpractical. However, this bag is not pretty AND not practical.

The funniest thing about this bag is actually the price.  For a “mere” $1,595 you can get this non-pretty and non-practical bag.  I used to think that if something is expensive it must be really good. Now, I know that is not always the case.  So, before you spent your hard-earned money on a bag, make sure that the bag is really worth your money.

If you must, you can buy this from Nordstrom for $1,595


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