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Kate-spade-gold-coastIf you love the look of Chanel bags but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and refuse to buy hideous knock-offs, Kate Spade Gold Coast is the solution for you.  It won’t break the bank since it’s only $445 (you can get it for even less if you wait for the sale). Also, Kate Spade bags are made of quality leather with great workmanship.  The only thing that you’ll miss (or not) are the big interlocking Cs.  There are a lot of look-a-like bags out there, from the Target look-a-likes to the designers’ look-a-likes.  I can’t stand the cheap look-a-likes, probably because of the poor quality and the fact that they are made of pleather.  However, I don’t mind the higher-end designers look-a-likes.  I guess it’s just a quality issue for me. So, what do you think of wearing a look-a-like bag?

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kate-spade-tarrytown-betty-mini-satchelI know these bags are probably not as functional as bigger bags (they measure only 8″W x 7 1/2″H x 6″D), but that’s what makes them so cute. Another plus of small bags is that you can’t carry a lot of stuff in them, therefore your bags will be light and your back will thank you.

I just love the pastel colors. Maybe because it is spring.  I noticed that I’m often drawn to colorful bags at this time of year.

When I was growing up my mom always picked black bags for me.  She said that they go with everything. That is true if you are only allowed to have one bag, but it was not fun if all you had was a closet full of black bags.  Now, I only have a few black bags.  Probably because of the black bags “trauma” that I have, I tend to avoid black bags.

You can buy these cuties from Nordstrom for $295


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