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After all those bright and colorful bags that I saw in spring, now I’m ready for more neutral shades and blacks like these Valentino Premier Bow Shoulder Bags.  I usually choose the better color to put on my post but after seeing these two colors I can’t decide which color is better because both of them are equally beautiful.

I love how lush and feminine these bags look thanks to the soft knotted bows that drape over the body.  The absence of hardware does not take away the beauty of the bag.   Though I can’t help but wonder what will the bag look like when it is filled.  Will the soft leather slouch? Will the bag look as beautiful if it slouches?

Buy from Bergdord Goodman for $1,895


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Valentino Bow Clutch

Valentino Bow Clutch $895 from Saks available in Brown Metallic and Grey Metallic.

Christian Louboutin Mini Satin Bow Clutch

Christian Louboutin Mini Satin Bow Clutch $725 from Saks available in Black and Pink

These two clutches look similar, however I would choose the Valentino Bow Clutch over the Christian Louboutin Mini Satin Bow Clutch anytime.  There is nothing wrong with the Christian Louboutin Clutch.   What sets the Valentino Clutch apart is that it is made of nappa leather while the Louboutin clutch is made of satin. Leather is more durable than satin, plus Louboutin is a fairly new name in the handbag industry (even though his shoes are fabolous). My point is: If you are willing to spend that kind of money for a clutch you should definitely go with the Valentino, which I think is a better deal.  It would be a different story if the Louboutin clutch has a much much lower price.


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