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juicy-couture-engagement-ring-tycoon-satchelI know that this is not the wackiest design that Juicy Couture has ever come up with.  In fact, this design is not wacky at all.  The only thing that is amusing is the ginormous engagement ring.

If this were the Juicy Couture signature design (the overwhelmingly girly design with lots of bows, pinks and charms) I can understand why they feel the need to put the engagement ring on the bag.  However, this bag looks “normal” from the other angle (except from the angle where you can see the ring, obviously).

In my opinion, this bag doesn’t really hit the Juicy Couture target audience.  The women (or should I say girls) that want to have a huge engagement ring on their bags expect more from the bag and the women who actually like the plainer overall look of the bag might not appreciate the engagement ring.  They probably already have one on their finger anyway.  Buy from Neiman Marcus for $350


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