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I can’t see the beauty of tie dyed bags. To me they are like those 3D random dot stereogram pictures.  I just can’t see it.  On the left is a Bulga bag that is made of leather.  I did not know that you can do “that” to leather.  Most tie dyes I’ve seen are applied to fabric.  All I can say is that it is such a cruel thing to do to beautiful leather.  I know Bulga always uses beautiful leather for their bags.  What a waste, don’t you think? The bag on the right is a canvas tie-dyed Rebecca Minkoff bag.

To me, tie dyed bags look like hand me down bags that have been used a lot. Now, why would you spend money for something like that? The only suitable use that I can think of for the Bulga tie dyed bag is camouflage: In case you want to do some nature photography.  For the Morning After Mini tie dye I can’t think of any good use. The bright colors makes it impossible to camouflage.  Now, don’t get me wrong here, I love my Bulga and Rebecca Minkoff bags, it’s just the tie dye that I don’t get.

If you love tie dye you can buy the Bulga Mini Marquis bag and the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini from Bloomingdale’s, where they are on sale right now.






The Size
It has a generous size for your necessities and more (17” x 13” x 7” deep)

Lots of Compartments
There are three compartments on the front and three on the back (four smaller pockets and two bigger pockets). One interior zippered pocket and patch pockets.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap
This can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a messenger bag. There are only two length settings.

The Leather
Supple grained Italian leather. Very good quality leather.


The Weight
This bag is super heavy even when it is empty. I tried downsizing the content of my bag to just cell phone, camera, wallet, and keys. The bag is still super heavy.

The Same Design for Front and Back
At first I really liked it, but when I start putting different stuff in different pockets, I got confused of what is where.

You might want to know:

All the buckles are non functional, they are only for decoration purposes. The pockets close with magnetic snap buttons.  The adjustable strap is somewhat hard to maneuver.

You can buy this from 80’s Purple for $765

Deal Tips:

I bought this from my local Saks outlet, when they were having buy one get one free deal. I kept one, and sold one on eBay (with profit). I paid $212

Recommended: No


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