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Image from Smythson

Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you just love the soft quilted look? Quilted bags are definitely nothing new but this hand-riveted quilt is something that we don’t see everyday.  The usual quilted bags tend to look rigid and stuffy but this Nancy bag looks just the opposite. You can see that the leather is so buttery and pliable, which makes the bag looks slouchy.

I also find the choice of minimal hardware very attractive, as it won’t detract the main show of the bag, which is the soft quilt.

The Nancy bag comes in different sizes and styles, but this one is one of my favorites for now and definitely going to be on my wish list.

From Smythson for $1,140


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smythson-nancy At first sight, I thought this bag was made of fabric because of the way the pleats looked.  I was pretty impressed when I found out that it was actually made of leather.  This means that the leather must be very supple to be able to do that “dress-like” design.

Zooming into the bag, it does look like the leather is as soft as butter! The lizard skin trim and buckle add a bit more interest and texture to the bag without making it look too “animally” like a full blown exotic bag.

On top of that, I’m also loving the fact that it has minimal hardware, which means that it must be light. Enough already with the heavy bags!  I just want to look stylish and not break my back.  We are already wearing heels, why do we have to carry a heavy bag as well?

The Large Nancy Bag retails for $1,805 from Smythson


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