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Balenciaga-Giant-Work-WovenI never thought that I would be writing about this bag.  Seriously, this colorful woven Balenciaga work looks somewhat on the eccentric side.  It’s definitely nothing like the Bottega woven bags.  Especially with all the bright colors.  Recently, I saw a woman wearing this exact bag.  I was so surprised that it actually look pretty decent and very appropriate for summer.

I think what makes this bag tolerable is the soft and slouchy Balenciaga leather. However, for $2,825 I don’t want to get something that is only tolerable.  I always like to get the biggest bang for my buck.  For that kind of money I expect something astoningishly beautiful.

Here you can see how the bag looks in real life.  I like how the bag owner paired her bag with a neutral outfit. I think it’s the only way not to make the bag look overwhelming.



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The Weight
This bag is feather light, even when I put a lot of stuff in it, it is still reasonably light.

The Leather
Balenciaga is known for its gorgeous leather, it is thin and soft, and comes in lots of different colors.

The Removable Shoulder Strap
I like the shoulder strap because I sometimes need both of my hands when I’m out with my kids.

The Size
The bag is not too big nor too small, it is just the right size for petites (15” x 9.8” x 3.9”). For non petites, you might want to try the Part Time version, which is slightly bigger.

The Mirror
The mirror is very handy for checking your makeup on the go.



You might want to know:

It comes with extra tassels for the zippers. After some time the tassels will split in two, however, it won’t effect the beauty of the bag.

You can buy this from Balenciaga for $1,395

Deal Tips:

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Recommended: Yes


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