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On the left is the Versace Patent Chain shoulder bag and on the right is Chanel Veau Ver Large Tote. Aren’t they a little bit too similar?  Of course, the designers at Versace can use the quilted design, or the chain straps, or the tote shape. They can, but if they are combining them all together like Chanel did in one bag,  it would look just like a Chanel rip off.  It is very common when lower-end designers do such a thing, but I would not expect this from Versace.  When lower-end designers do this, their work may be not as impressive, but at least they are not charging a four digit price.

In my opinion, Versace (a world class design house) should have enough resources to create something that is not a copy cat.

Buy from Bergdorf Goodman for $1,800


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If you look at many bags every day, you’d think that after a while you’ll be able to recognize which design belongs to which designer, right? However, when I saw this Versace Patent Shopper, I did not think that it was a Versace.  First of all, it is not outrageous enough. Second of all, there is no huge name plate or the famous Medusa head stuck anywhere prominently. I love it!

There are a lot of elements that I like about this Versace Patent Shopper.  I like the gold hardware and red leather combination; it adds a little more of a luxury feel compared to silver hardware.  The elongated shape will definitely flatter shorter and rounder body types.  I adore the look of long bags, however it’s harder to find things in a long bag compared to a wide bag.  With this Versace bag, you will get the advantage of the long bag look without sacrificing its practicality. This is surely a smart and thoughtful design.  I also love how the designer did not forget the sides of the bag just like many other designers.  More often than not, we see bags with plain sides.

One thing that I don’t like about this bag is the price.  It is $3,705.  I don’t understand how they price their bags but I honestly don’t think it is worth that much. It is not even made of exotic skin. If you must have it, I strongly suggest to wait for the sale.  Buy from Nordstrom.




versace-turqoise-leather-fox-toteWhen I came across this bag, I immediately thought about my daughter, how she would scream at this bag.  Not because she’s afraid of all the fur, but because she LOVES the color. She loves everything blue, especially turquoise blue.  I’m sure she would love to have this bag. Unfortunately, my 3-year-old little girl doesn’t have $2,649.74 and more importantly she doesn’t know how to shop online. As for myself, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for that kind of thing bag. It’s hard to imagine someone older than 12 pulling this off but I can definitely see Beyonce wearing this bag.

You can buy this from Bluefly. They are having a sale right now25% discount in addition to the sale price.
Versace turquoise leather fox large hexagonal tote
reduced: $3,532.99
sale: $2,649.74


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