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Fendi-Two-Tone-BaguetteMy last Fendi bag review was somewhat harsh.  However, today I will give this Fendi Two-Tone Baguette a glowing review because it totally deserves one.  I love how this bag looks.  The contrasting color, the chain-strap combination and the vertical stitching work beautifullytogether. When I’m thinking of a small rectangular bag with a chain, I immediately think of Chanel 2.55.  However, this bag has a whole different twist. Somehow, I think this bag is more chic and youthful than the Chanel 2.55. Fendi did a great job this time around.

From Net-A-Porter $1,350


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fendi-multicolored-stampedI looked at this bag for a while before I decided to write about it.  I was trying to look for a beautiful feature that will justify the $ 4,100 price tag.  I looked at the front view and could not find it. I looked at the back and could not find it and I looked at the modeled picture and still could not find it.

At first I thought maybe it is an exotic bag, but the name of the bag says otherwise. It is clearly says “stamped”, so I’m officially “stumped”.

The color of the bag is blah. It has mostly pastel colors mixed with a lot of grey.  The overall color combination just make the bag looks “dirty” and the wide stitching on the front flap makes the bag looks like a rag, especially the red stitching.

This bag is a perfect example of a classic bag that is stretched too far. Sometimes designers try to come up with something new using the already successful design.  Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they do not.  I like the classic Fendi baguette, but not when it is done like this.

Image from Net-A-Porter


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