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Francesco-Biasia-Emy-ToteA friend of mine just asked my opinion about this Francesco Biasia Emy Tote.  She told me that her heart was originally set on Bottega Veneta Intrecciato but then she found this similar woven design for a lot less.  When I saw the bag, I fell in love with the color combination.  I think the contrasting color combination makes the bag stand out so much more compare to a solid color bag.  It also shows off the texture of the bag nicely. She’s definitely made a wise purchase.

Unfortunately, this bag is not widely available anymore. Probably because it was an older model.  The only place that still sells it is Rue La La and the sale will end on Monday morning.  They are selling it at a really great price of $299 (down from $795 retail price).




Francesco-Biasia-LeaStudded bags are certainly hot right now and I’m trying to cater to the studs frenzy.  I found this gorgeus Francesco Biasia Lea.  I’m guessing this bag has been around for sometime, because they are now on sale and hard to find.  I wish I had found this bag sooner.

Never in my wildest dream had I considered studded bags feminine, until I saw this bag. The one thing that makes this bag look somewhat feminine is the swirly placement of the studs.  Most studded bags place their studs in rows or some other orderly manner.  The variety of studs shapes and sizes also contributes in making this bag unpredictable.  Everyone likes a nice surprise, right?

Another great thing about this bag is the price.  They are on sale right now on Zappos priced it at $302

For the recessionistas who love studded bags but can’t afford the fabulous YSL Easy Y Studded bag, this Lea bag is definitely a great alternative.  It is nearly 10 times cheaper than the YSL Easy Y Studded.