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Most of the time I find bags with lots of zippers tacky.  However, I find this Gotham satchel quite appealing. The only hardware you can find on this bag is just zippers and one big zipper pull on the main compartment that has Donna Karan engraving. I think it is very wise to limit the amount of hardware.  The design clearly states that this bag is all about the zippers.  Additional hardware will just turn this bag to hardware overload.

One thing that I appreciate about this Gotham satchel is that it has just the right amount of rock and roll flavor to it.  This means you don’t have to dress like a rock star to be able to carry this bag.  As to the zippers, I must say that I prefer the bag with all the zippers open.  I think it gives the bag a fuller shape and more texture.  Pre-order from Neiman Marcus for $1,495


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DKNY is the more affordable line of Donna Karan. Even though this bag is supposed to be second rate, I like it a lot better than the Donna Karan “Flap Disaster” Messenger Bag and it cost less than a third of the Flap bag. This bag looks like a functional and practical bag, providing easy access. The gold tone hardware complements the beautiful neutral color.  The knotted straps add interest to the otherwise plain handbag.   If you are just starting to build your wardrobe and are still figuring out your style or if you just want a no-fuss everyday bag, this is a good bag for you. The price is reasonable and the style is sweet and simple. This bag measures 16″W x 11.5″H x 4.75″D. You can buy this from Bloomingdale’s for $425.


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donna-karan-messenger-bagThis is one funny bag.  It looks like a regular bag in the picture, but when I was trying it on at Nordstrom, I found out otherwise…  I pretended that was actually wearing this bag and using it. Oh boy, those zippered flaps were a nightmare. Imagine being in a hurry and trying to get something out from the bag.  First, you have to lift the flap and hold the flap so you can unzip it, and then finally you can reach deep deep down for whatever you are looking for.  As if you can’t get enough of the flap, instead of one they give you two. Isn’t it funny?

I can understand if something so pretty sometimes can be unpractical. However, this bag is not pretty AND not practical.

The funniest thing about this bag is actually the price.  For a “mere” $1,595 you can get this non-pretty and non-practical bag.  I used to think that if something is expensive it must be really good. Now, I know that is not always the case.  So, before you spent your hard-earned money on a bag, make sure that the bag is really worth your money.

If you must, you can buy this from Nordstrom for $1,595


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