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I have always admired Bottega Veneta’s designs. Most of them are very classy, simple and chic.  When you combine all those with impeccable quality, you’ve got one state of the art bag.  However, I cannot help but chuckle when I see this Frayed Woven Veneta Hobo.  Maybe my taste is not “haute couture” enough, but this bag is just not my cup of tea.  Hey, if I’m spending over $2000 for a bag instead of my mortgage, I definitely want to look “un-frayed”. Don’t you feel like taking out your sweater shaver and shave all the frays? Oh wait, they already have that style seasons ago. Never mind!

If you think you can rock this style, you can pre-order it from Neiman Marcus for $2,480


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Francesco-Biasia-Emy-ToteA friend of mine just asked my opinion about this Francesco Biasia Emy Tote.  She told me that her heart was originally set on Bottega Veneta Intrecciato but then she found this similar woven design for a lot less.  When I saw the bag, I fell in love with the color combination.  I think the contrasting color combination makes the bag stand out so much more compare to a solid color bag.  It also shows off the texture of the bag nicely. She’s definitely made a wise purchase.

Unfortunately, this bag is not widely available anymore. Probably because it was an older model.  The only place that still sells it is Rue La La and the sale will end on Monday morning.  They are selling it at a really great price of $299 (down from $795 retail price).





This Bottega Veneta Sculptured Tote is literally a woven bag with a twist.  Instead of doing their regular weave the designers decided to twist some part of the leather to achieve a more 3 dimensional look. This definitely adds more substantial texture to the simple woven bag. However, I still prefer the original woven version without the gimmicks. Sometimes, less is more.

Pre-order from Bergdorf Goodman for $2,480


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Balenciaga-Giant-Work-WovenI never thought that I would be writing about this bag.  Seriously, this colorful woven Balenciaga work looks somewhat on the eccentric side.  It’s definitely nothing like the Bottega woven bags.  Especially with all the bright colors.  Recently, I saw a woman wearing this exact bag.  I was so surprised that it actually look pretty decent and very appropriate for summer.

I think what makes this bag tolerable is the soft and slouchy Balenciaga leather. However, for $2,825 I don’t want to get something that is only tolerable.  I always like to get the biggest bang for my buck.  For that kind of money I expect something astoningishly beautiful.

Here you can see how the bag looks in real life.  I like how the bag owner paired her bag with a neutral outfit. I think it’s the only way not to make the bag look overwhelming.



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sang-a-woven-sea-snake-toteThis simple but intricate tote is a perfect choice for career women. The rectangular shape makes carrying documents a breeze; there won’t be folds and wrinkles on your papers since the bag is shaped like a stack of papers.

I’m pleasantly surprised with this tote. I always thought that exotics are best to be presented as it is: meaning no weaving and no complicated pleating.  I thought doing all those would hide the beauty of the exotic skin. Obviously, I was wrong.

The intricate work on the snake skin does not hide the beauty of the leather at all.  You can still recognize that the tote is made of snake skin.  The weaving technique gives the bag a faceted look which makes it like a piece of art. And do you notice the zipper pull? It totally reflects the shape of the bag. Genius!

You can buy this from Vivre for $2,800, they also have the eel version of this bag. I know it is an expensive bag, but if the recession doesn’t stop you from buying luxury goods, go ahead and buy this bag and help the economy. By the way, that’s how Paris Hilton justifies her shopping habit.


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For those of you who are still wondering about Susan Mayer’s bag in the Desperate Housewives season finale, here is the YouTube video for your convenience. You can clearly see the Michael Kors newbury bag on the video.

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michael-kors-newbury-woven-bagLast night, when I was watching the Desperate Housewives season finale, I spotted this bag on Susan Mayer, played by Teri Hatcher.  I recognized this bag instantly because of the unique woven leather combination.  This bag is woven with two kinds of leather, matte and patent.  (It reminds me of the Bottega Venetta Hobo, however, the Bottega Hobo has three kinds of leather woven together, matte, patent and suede and it is fabulous).  The woven leather combination is pretty much the main show of the bag because the rest of it is very ordinary.

I had seen this bag around for a while, but never had the urge to blog about it, until I saw it on Desperate Housewives.  Since it showed up on that show, I figured that bag-loving viewers would like to know what that bag was.

I’ve searched for this bag online however I couldn’t find any online retailer that still carried it, since it had been around for sometime.  I did find other colors, such as tan, mocha,white and orange.  However, they’re not nearly as beautiful as black and they are not made of combination leather.

Image from Polyvore.


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