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Image from Rebecca Minkoff Facebook fan page

If you are obsessed with bags like I do, you will look at bags in a whole different way.  You will start noticing even the smallest details.  Right now I’m in love with this Rebecca Minkoff Delight Satchel.  The shape is nothing revolutionary, but I love the details: From the two buckled straps that lay vertically around the bag, the way the pocket is stitched to the small tiny round hardware that she put near the tip of the buckled straps. Everything just fall beautifully into place.

Besides the details, I also pay attention to the functionality. This roomy bag (15.5″w x 12.5″h x 6.5″d) has 3 exterior zippered pockets and a detachable shoulder strap, which is good enough for me. I can’t find any picture of the inside of the bag but I’m pretty sure it should have a zippered pocket inside too (just like the Morning After Bag).  I’m hoping that she uses metal interior zippers instead of plastic ones, because plastic zippers makes the bag look cheap (yes, even if it’s only on the inside).  This plastic zipper thing might be one of my weird bag pet peeves.  I have passed on buying bags that I really like just because they have plastic zippers on the inside.

You can pre-order this bag from lunaboston for $495.  Currently, they only have the color black.  I would wait around for the other colors, as I’m sure they will be pretty.  I love the blue one in the picture.


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It’s weird how I have been telling my girlfriends that I need a nice satchel and I ended up drooling over a hobo.  Right now I’m actually in a quest for a satchel, but I find this Kooba Dakota irresistible.  Every season there is always at least one bag from Kooba that I really like. In my opinion, their design is always stylish but not overly trendy.

When I’m shopping for clothes I’m always drawn to V necks because they are more flattering for a non super model body like mine. Therefore, I’m guessing that the V piping on the Kooba Dakota is what drew me to it. Not only that, I also love the buckles on the ends of the strap.  They give an interesting yet unusual accent to the bag.

This bag comes in four different colors, but I like this one the best (blue).  Even though it is described as blue, it has a lot of gray tone on it that makes this color very natural looking.

Buy from Kooba or Nordstrom for $ 595


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Being a sucker for anything shiny I could not help but to click on this Marc Jacobs Sequined New York Rocker Stam bag.  I’m used to seeing very shiny small miniaudiere, clutch or evening bags.  However, a bag this size that is very shiny is new to me.  I’m not sure where and when one would carry this bag.  In my opinion, this bag is too big for a formal event, too shiny for casual everyday use and still too shiny for everything in between.   If you can think of how to wear this bag you can buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,995


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rebecca-minkoff-mam-peacockI love Rebecca Minkoff’s Morning After Mini bag, regardless where it is made.  The style is very classic, the leather is beautiful and it comes in so many different colors.  It’s like the cheaper version of Balenciaga bags.

I always thought that the more options I have the better.  However, I’m finding it hard to choose with so many colors available.  It doesn’t help that most of the colors are beautiful.  It just makes it even harder for me to choose.

After thinking about it for some time, I narrowed down my choice to  Peacock (shown) and Pool (antother beautiful shade of blue). I already have one neutral color, so a fun color of Morning After Mini would be a nice addition to my collection.

You can buy this from Revolve Clothing for $550


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carlos-falchi-leather-hoboIt puzzles me that someone who designs something like the elegant Pearlized Python Bag is also the one who designs this flowery thing that they call a bag.  I admire a lot of Carlos Falchi designs, but obviously not this one.

I know that is spring now, and I also know that flowers bloom in spring.  But do you have to take it so literally?

If you must do a flower bag, at least do it tastefully like Valentino’s flower bags. This bag look like some art project that my daughter would make, except this one is made of leather and the flowers probably would not fall off when you tug it.

To make things worse, this bag will set you back more than a thousand dollars. What do you think about that?

You can buy this from Neiman Marcus for $1,050.


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The Size
It is big enough to carry all my necessities and more (16″ W x 14″ H x 5″ D)

The Pockets
There are two side pockets with snap button closure, so things won’t fall out, two zippered slit pockets in the front, three slide interior pockets, and one zippered interior pocket. All the pockets make it easy to organize your bag and you can find things quickly when you need it.

The Weight
When the bag is empty, it is pretty lightweight, because the leather is not overly thick. A light bag is always a plus for me, since I tend to carry more than I need to.


The Lining
I don’t really like the lining material, it is satiny looking with busy prints.

You might want to know:

The drawstring is non functional, it is only for decoration purposes. The closure of the bag is a magnetic snap button, which I think is more practical than drawstrings.

You can buy this from Macy’s for $250

Deal Tips:

Here is some idea on how to get a good deal. I bought this bag in blue from Ideeli. The price was $94, I got $25 from referring a friend, so I paid $79 total including the $10 shipping.

Recommended: Yes


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versace-turqoise-leather-fox-toteWhen I came across this bag, I immediately thought about my daughter, how she would scream at this bag.  Not because she’s afraid of all the fur, but because she LOVES the color. She loves everything blue, especially turquoise blue.  I’m sure she would love to have this bag. Unfortunately, my 3-year-old little girl doesn’t have $2,649.74 and more importantly she doesn’t know how to shop online. As for myself, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for that kind of thing bag. It’s hard to imagine someone older than 12 pulling this off but I can definitely see Beyonce wearing this bag.

You can buy this from Bluefly. They are having a sale right now25% discount in addition to the sale price.
Versace turquoise leather fox large hexagonal tote
reduced: $3,532.99
sale: $2,649.74


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