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Last year was all about the studs.  I guess this year is all about zippers.  Some designers were already coming out with zippered designs last year but I noticed that this year literally everything has zippers design on it; dresses, bags, and shoes.  In my opinion, zippers give the impression of a “tough girl” look and if not done right it can look tacky.

This Leola bag has the perfect amount of zippers and the placement of the diagonal zipper makes the bag look more interesting.  I also noticed there was no big label stuck on the bag, which is always a plus for me. This would be a great casual bag for spring.  The combination of cream leather and gold tone hardware will look great against bright colored tops.

From Neiman Marcus for $498





There was a time when I preferred silver tone hardware on bags regardless the color of the bag. Now, I’m slowly warming up to gold tone hardware.  I’m finding that gold tone hardware adds a little bit more luxury to a bag compared to silver tone hardware. For example, this cream Jack Rabbit Stinger would not have as much contrast if the hardware were silver tone.

Even though this Jack Rabbit Stinger display a classic lady like shape, it is certainly not a boring bag.  It has a lot of interesting details, such as the V side pockets, the vertical zipper, and some strategically placed studs.  The most interesting feature is the vertical zipper, which used to expand the bag. However, I’m not sure how it would enhance the look of the bag when it is unzipped.  I would probably keep the zipper closed at all times.

Buy from Shopbop for $369.60