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Just when I thought that I already have too many bags, Mulberry is coming out with Alexa bag. The Alexa bag is obviously inspired by the Bayswater but it also looks a little bit like a briefcase.  I’d say the Alexa bag is the more masculine version of the Bayswater. I love everything about it except for one little thing; the inside zipper.  I know I’m probably just being picky, but when I’m buying a bag that is over a thousand dollar I expect luxury and a plastic zipper does not scream luxury. 

I don’t understand why Mulberry choose to have plastic zipper inside their bag.  It can’t be because their cutting cost because I’ve seen bags that are half the price with nice metal zipper inside the bags.  I’m sure some people don’t even pay attention to this little thing, but it is a little disappointing for someone who inspect every little details on her bags (like me).

Coming soon, from Mulberry ($1,150)



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  • Maria

    Have just checked my dearest Alexa and the zipper is made of leather. It is NOT plastic.

  • Marxyboy

    Hi Maria,

    I believe BagLover was referring to the zipper ITSELF. NOT the zipper pull. Most designer bags worth their salt have zipper pulls made of leather, I believe.

    And BagLover, I feel you. I’m personally also very disappointed in the tacky looking plastic zipper. I mean, with Mulberry trying to revamp its image and all, it ought to give more attention to detail. tsk tsk.


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