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Image from Rebecca Minkoff Facebook fan page

If you are obsessed with bags like I do, you will look at bags in a whole different way.  You will start noticing even the smallest details.  Right now I’m in love with this Rebecca Minkoff Delight Satchel.  The shape is nothing revolutionary, but I love the details: From the two buckled straps that lay vertically around the bag, the way the pocket is stitched to the small tiny round hardware that she put near the tip of the buckled straps. Everything just fall beautifully into place.

Besides the details, I also pay attention to the functionality. This roomy bag (15.5″w x 12.5″h x 6.5″d) has 3 exterior zippered pockets and a detachable shoulder strap, which is good enough for me. I can’t find any picture of the inside of the bag but I’m pretty sure it should have a zippered pocket inside too (just like the Morning After Bag).  I’m hoping that she uses metal interior zippers instead of plastic ones, because plastic zippers makes the bag look cheap (yes, even if it’s only on the inside).  This plastic zipper thing might be one of my weird bag pet peeves.  I have passed on buying bags that I really like just because they have plastic zippers on the inside.

You can pre-order this bag from lunaboston for $495.  Currently, they only have the color black.  I would wait around for the other colors, as I’m sure they will be pretty.  I love the blue one in the picture.


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The name “Fortune Cookie” definitely suit this bag, because it really looks like one.  Despite of it’s food-like appearance I think this bag looks pretty feminine.  I love the ties on the sides and the ruffle flap (the one thing that makes the bag looks like a fortune cookie).  This bag comes in many different colors.  Since this season is all about the turquoise, I chose to put up this picture.  This color will look great against a pair of clean white denim.

At first, I was skeptical about this bag.  Since it was priced under $200, I assumed that it would have a hideous interior.  By hideous interior I mean a crappy plastic zipper that is dreadfully attached to the lining.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the interior view.  It has a nice metal zipper with leather trim attach to the lining.

As for functionality, this bag has two kinds of straps; one shorter shoulder strap and one long removable strap that you can use to wear the bag cross body.  I personally think this bag is such a great deal. You can wait around for the sale but you might not get the color you want.

Buy it from Nordstrom for $198


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Just when I thought that I already have too many bags, Mulberry is coming out with Alexa bag. The Alexa bag is obviously inspired by the Bayswater but it also looks a little bit like a briefcase.  I’d say the Alexa bag is the more masculine version of the Bayswater. I love everything about it except for one little thing; the inside zipper.  I know I’m probably just being picky, but when I’m buying a bag that is over a thousand dollar I expect luxury and a plastic zipper does not scream luxury. 

I don’t understand why Mulberry choose to have plastic zipper inside their bag.  It can’t be because their cutting cost because I’ve seen bags that are half the price with nice metal zipper inside the bags.  I’m sure some people don’t even pay attention to this little thing, but it is a little disappointing for someone who inspect every little details on her bags (like me).

Coming soon, from Mulberry ($1,150)




After taking a little break to deal with home improvement nightmares, it feels so good to be looking at bags again.  Now I see a lot of great bags out there. How exciting! One of the bags that caught my eyes is the Michael Kors “Skorpio” ring tote from the Resort 2010 collection.


I’ve seen the rectangular version before, they are pretty nice. I love the leather, the woven handles and the shiny hardware. However, it was kind of too plain Jane.  I find this “Skorpio” ring tote far more interesting, even though they have similar name.  First of all, I love the balloon like shape.  It makes the bag look softer and more feminine compared to the usual squarish looking tote.

Second, I love how the handles are looped through the body of the bag and the grommets make it look more polished in a subtle way.

This not a very big bag, it measures only 13″W x 9″H x 7″D therefore very suitable for petites. Pre-Order from Nordstrom for $895.




kenneth-cole-pleats-satchelThe first thing that drew me to this bag is the color.  Although I’m not much of a purple girl, this color just looks so pretty to me. The purple is so soft and the pleats just make everything look softer.  I must say that I like the look of the back of the bag better than the front.  The front does not have as many pleats and it has the metal logo.  This bag also comes with a wide adjustable shoulder strap, which means it would be comfortable on your shoulder.

I don’t own any Kenneth Cole bag at the moment but if I there’s one bag that I would like from them, it is this bag in this color.  This bag comes in 6 colors and measures 13″ W x 9″ H x 5″ D. Buy from Macy’s for $275.99

This whole concept about high-end designers providing a cheaper line of their product and lower-end designers offering a better quality line is really giving me mixed brand perceptions.


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marc-jacobs-classic-hoboI have been frantically looking for a really slouchy and roomy hobo.  So far, my only candidate is the Marc by Marc Jacobs classic gathered hobo.  This bag measures 13 1/2″H x 23″W x 4″ D, and you can choose from chamois or pebble leather.

I like the soft leather and the way it drapes. I also like the detachable shoulder strap, I think it’s a must for women with kids. The zip top is also a plus for me, not that I like to shake my bags upside down, but having a zipper just makes me feel safer.  I don’t have to worry that my things will fall out accidentally.

As much as I like this bag, I still feel that it is lacking something. It lacks interesting details.  I get it that it is a simple and classic hobo, but it doesn’t have to be too blah. A braided strap or a little bit of shiny hardware would definitely add some interesting details.  To sum up, if I can’t find anything better, I think I’m going to get this one.

Buy it from Neiman Marcus for $438


steve-madden-hobo-sideThere is also the Steve Madden hobo.  I don’t usually go for Steve Madden since a lot of their bags are made of pleather (remember my leather infatuation?). However, this one is leather.  The design is somewhat similar to the Marc Jacobs hobo, but the leather does not look as smooth and smooshy, wouldn’t you agree?

One thing that I like about the Steve Madden hobo is that it has a little bit of hardware that I think dresses up this otherwise plain hobo, although, I’m not sure about the shoulder strap hardware.  I’m afraid that the shoulder strap won’t be comfortable if you are carrying a heavy bag. I’m also not too crazy about the magnetic snap closure. But I know I’m probably just being paranoid, since I haven’t lost anything because of the magnetic closure.

You can buy this from Nordstrom for $258

My personal choice between these two hobos would be the Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo, because of the better quality leather and the zip top.


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