Designer Bags from A to Z

I have always admired Bottega Veneta’s designs. Most of them are very classy, simple and chic.  When you combine all those with impeccable quality, you’ve got one state of the art bag.  However, I cannot help but chuckle when I see this Frayed Woven Veneta Hobo.  Maybe my taste is not “haute couture” enough, but this bag is just not my cup of tea.  Hey, if I’m spending over $2000 for a bag instead of my mortgage, I definitely want to look “un-frayed”. Don’t you feel like taking out your sweater shaver and shave all the frays? Oh wait, they already have that style seasons ago. Never mind!

If you think you can rock this style, you can pre-order it from Neiman Marcus for $2,480


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