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DKNY-Satin-Medium-ShopperWhen I see designers make cheaper lines of their brands, I always assume that they are not as good as the more expensive line.  However, this is not the case with Donna Karan bags.  Lately, I’ve noticed that DKNY bags are a lot better than the Donna Karan bags and they are a lot cheaper too.

I like this DKNY Satin Medium Shopper. Even though it is not made of leather, it still manages to look sumptuous and rich thanks to the satin sheen.  The interesting hardware also adds some glam to the simple bag. The only thing I wish were different is the shoulder strap.  Since the handles are made of leather, it would be nice if the shoulder strap were also made of leather.

All in all, I think it is a great bag with great value.  Buy from Bloomingdale’s for S195




kenneth-cole-pleats-satchelThe first thing that drew me to this bag is the color.  Although I’m not much of a purple girl, this color just looks so pretty to me. The purple is so soft and the pleats just make everything look softer.  I must say that I like the look of the back of the bag better than the front.  The front does not have as many pleats and it has the metal logo.  This bag also comes with a wide adjustable shoulder strap, which means it would be comfortable on your shoulder.

I don’t own any Kenneth Cole bag at the moment but if I there’s one bag that I would like from them, it is this bag in this color.  This bag comes in 6 colors and measures 13″ W x 9″ H x 5″ D. Buy from Macy’s for $275.99

This whole concept about high-end designers providing a cheaper line of their product and lower-end designers offering a better quality line is really giving me mixed brand perceptions.


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I just created an account on the Gustto website and received $50 credit.  On top of that, right now they are offering an extra 10% off on top of the sale price.  One of the bags that they have on sale right now is the Gustto Brescia.  This bag was seen on Eva Longoria.

eva-longoria-gustto-bresciaGustto Brescia descriptions:

Ultra-soft suede tote with bottom horizontal zigzag pattern, open top, handles with gold hardware, and detachable shoulder strap.

Inside zip pocket, open pocket, cell phone pocket.

Size: 18″ x 13″ x 2″

FYI, the sale price is $423.50 and it will only appear if you already registered and logged in the Gustto website.  If you are not registered, the price will show as $605.

Now, if you sign up and use the $50 credit plus the 10% off discount, your final price would be $331.15 and on top of that they are also having free shipping.  That’s what I call a good deal!

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gustto-fiore-balna-toteI like the look of this Gustto bag: The color and the hardware are beautiful. However, I’m not so sure about the embossed paisley.  Whenever I see paisley, I’m always thinking of the word “old” and “grandma”.  Maybe my style is too minimalistic, since I rarely like anything with a pattern, unless it is absolutely fabulous. I know Gustto has a plainer version (without the embossed paisley) of this model.

This bag measures 17″W x 10.5″H x 4″D, big enough for carrying your essentials plus some more.  The shoulder strap is always a nice option when you need both of your hands. For the quality, Gustto bags are really well made, just like the other contemporary designers.

You can buy Gustto Fiore from Bloomingdale’s for $645.


Now, as for the similarity with Gucci Hysteria, I wouldn’t say that they are identical twins, but they are definitely fraternal twins, don’t you think?  The shillouete, the hardware, the handles, and the detachable shoulder straps are very similar.  The Gucci Hysteria is a little bit smaller than the Gustto Fiore.  It measures only 15″L x 11.4″H.

I prefer the Gustto hardware over the Gucci because t looks cleaner without the logo.  However, I like the pleats on the Hysteria better.

The Gucci Hysteria retails for $1,695, it is $1,050 more than the Gussto.  I would definitely choose the Gussto since I’m not brand obsessed.  I will gladly wear the lesser brand as long as it has good quality, but I would avoid Target look alikes.  Which one would you choose?

Gucci Hysteria image from Nordstrom


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