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First, I just wanted to say that this bag is amazing. I love the details, the texture and color combination, and even the lack of hardware.  Combining three different materials (leather, canvas and python) really makes this bag stand out.  Moreover, the intricate design shows that the designer really put a lot of thought and creativity into this bag.  This one is definitely not just another standard looking boxy satchel.

This structured bag has somewhat of a preppy look. Even so, the color combination and the non existent hardware add to the bag softer appeal.  In my opinion, the color combination is just perfect for the spring and the python front pocket adds substantial elegance to the bag.  Just so you know, this bag doesn’t only look good from the front. It also look like a piece of art from the side.

Images from Reed Krakoff

You can purchase this from RK online store for $1,890


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CC-Skye-Ashley-PythonI don’t understand why I can’t find much information on this CC Skye Ashley Python bag.  Even the website that sells this bag does not provide detailed description about the bag.   In my opinion, a bag this beautiful should be talked about, stumbled upon, digged or tweeted all over the internet.   Am I wrong? Do I have such an unusual taste in bags?  I don’t think so.

I love how the hardware and leather shoulder straps work together.  The grommets on the sides also add glam to the simple shaped bag. However,  I’m not so sure about the rectangular gold tone name plate in the middle since I’m not a big fan of bags that display their brand too prominently.  Seeing that it is such a beautiful bag and the size of the name plate is not huge, I can let this one slide.  Besides, it is not a brand that mall rats typically carry on their arms.

Now, on to the python.  I honestly could not tell if this bag is made of real python or embossed leather.  Judging by the price it could easily be embossed python. However, it might also be a reasonably priced real python.  Regardless of its material, I still think this is a beautiful bag.

Buy from Singer22 for $625





Yesterday, I went to P.C Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, which is supposedly the most expensive shopping street in the Netherlands. Naturally, I went to look for bags. Since stores in the Netherlands close very early (6pm), I could only go to some stores,  of which one  was Bally.

In that store, I found a gorgeous deep green suede python hobo. I love the suede finish python; in my opinion, it looks more subtle and luxurious than the regular shiny finish python.  I observe that more and more designers are producing bags with suede python.

The bag was so light and fell so beautifully on the shoulder. Two sets of double gold-tone rings connect the strap to the bag. Knots that end with metal tips decorate the sides of the bag. You can’t see them from the picture but they’re there and they played up the sides of the bag really nicely. The side of the bag is the one that you see first when you see someone wearing a hobo bag on her shoulder. That’s why I think it is important that the sides show something attractive.
This bag is from the Fall 2009 collection.  It is priced €1500 Euros.


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gucci-large-jockey-python-hoboThis Gucci bag is definitely praiseworthy.  When I fist saw this bag, I did not expect that this was in fact a Gucci bag.  Without the monograms, the fringes, and the red and green stripes, I just didn’t recognize it. This is good: I like it when designers do something out of the ordinary. It keeps the collection fresh and interesting.

I like the rich texture of the python.  The horsebit detail adds interest to the simple and elegant  shape of the bag.  This looks like a chic casual bag. The 18¼”W X 14½”H X 4½”D measurements, certainly make it functional. Because of the slouchy shape and leather, petites will also look good wearing this.

Don’t worry about blending with the wall wearing this simple shaped black bag, the python reminds us that it is a special bag.  This bag is all about the python and it will definitely stand out.

I think Gucci reminds us once again why it is an icon label.  Buy this from Saks for $3,295.


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carlos-falchi-pearlized-pythonI got so excited when I saw this bag, I have never seen exotics done like this before. The python colors are really rich, it adds a lot of depth and dimension to the bag and the pearl effect just makes the bag pop even more.

There is nothing new with the shape and the drawstring.  It’s pretty much a nice basic shaped bag, which I think is very wise because you don’t want a busy design with this kind of material.  You don’t even want to wear busy looking clothing with this bag. a plain, simple, and sleek outfit will definitely showcase the bag. This bag will definitely be the first thing that people notice if you were to wear it.

The only thing that bothers me about this bag is the size.  It only measures 7″H x 10″W x 6″D. I think it’s kind of smallish and you won’t be able to put a whole lot in it.

Pre-order from Neiman Marcus for $2,675


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