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marc-jacobs-classic-hoboI have been frantically looking for a really slouchy and roomy hobo.  So far, my only candidate is the Marc by Marc Jacobs classic gathered hobo.  This bag measures 13 1/2″H x 23″W x 4″ D, and you can choose from chamois or pebble leather.

I like the soft leather and the way it drapes. I also like the detachable shoulder strap, I think it’s a must for women with kids. The zip top is also a plus for me, not that I like to shake my bags upside down, but having a zipper just makes me feel safer.  I don’t have to worry that my things will fall out accidentally.

As much as I like this bag, I still feel that it is lacking something. It lacks interesting details.  I get it that it is a simple and classic hobo, but it doesn’t have to be too blah. A braided strap or a little bit of shiny hardware would definitely add some interesting details.  To sum up, if I can’t find anything better, I think I’m going to get this one.

Buy it from Neiman Marcus for $438


steve-madden-hobo-sideThere is also the Steve Madden hobo.  I don’t usually go for Steve Madden since a lot of their bags are made of pleather (remember my leather infatuation?). However, this one is leather.  The design is somewhat similar to the Marc Jacobs hobo, but the leather does not look as smooth and smooshy, wouldn’t you agree?

One thing that I like about the Steve Madden hobo is that it has a little bit of hardware that I think dresses up this otherwise plain hobo, although, I’m not sure about the shoulder strap hardware.  I’m afraid that the shoulder strap won’t be comfortable if you are carrying a heavy bag. I’m also not too crazy about the magnetic snap closure. But I know I’m probably just being paranoid, since I haven’t lost anything because of the magnetic closure.

You can buy this from Nordstrom for $258

My personal choice between these two hobos would be the Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo, because of the better quality leather and the zip top.


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2 Responses to “Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo and Steven by Steve Madden Hobo”

  • Hi Yuli, I love browsing your blog. I have a bag obsession too and you introduce me to way more brands than I am familiar with. Good to have options! Lots of eye candy indeed. You really carry off clutches very well. One thing with leather, do you find that it wears at the corners after a few years? Or is it just my lack of maintenance? I like slouchy bags, but not too big and it has to have cell phone and zippered compartment inside otherwise I get too disorganized. I know you’re not into monogram but I’ve been eyeing gucci lately. Hoping to get one next year at a good price (40% off?). Have fun in the netherlands! Tricia

  • Hi Tricia, I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. I also enjoy writing it :) With most of my bags the corners are still very nice, maybe it’s because I don’t use them for a long period and I change my bags very often. However, I have one bag that I use a lot and I can see that the corners are wearing off. I usually just put leather conditioner on the corners and they will be fine. They do change color but I think with leather it will just add character to the bag.
    About organizing your bag I actually know some tricks. I’ll post them as soon as I’m over my jet lag. We just got home today.

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