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It’s weird how I have been telling my girlfriends that I need a nice satchel and I ended up drooling over a hobo.  Right now I’m actually in a quest for a satchel, but I find this Kooba Dakota irresistible.  Every season there is always at least one bag from Kooba that I really like. In my opinion, their design is always stylish but not overly trendy.

When I’m shopping for clothes I’m always drawn to V necks because they are more flattering for a non super model body like mine. Therefore, I’m guessing that the V piping on the Kooba Dakota is what drew me to it. Not only that, I also love the buckles on the ends of the strap.  They give an interesting yet unusual accent to the bag.

This bag comes in four different colors, but I like this one the best (blue).  Even though it is described as blue, it has a lot of gray tone on it that makes this color very natural looking.

Buy from Kooba or Nordstrom for $ 595


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2 Responses to “Kooba Dakota”

  • Titiana

    I’ve seen this bag before, it has to be from a few seasons back? Right? Have you seen Kooba’s new Spring collection? I’m drooling over them!

  • Ashlee

    From what season is this Kooba bags? I’m looking for this bag everywhere, but I can’t find it?

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